Why We Should Keep The Electoral College Essay

in a paper on the Electoral College: “In creating the basic architecture of the American government, the Founders struggled to satisfy each state’s demand for greater representation while attempting to balance popular sovereignty against the risk posed to the minority from majoritarian rule.” at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

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Though the winner of the national popular vote typically takes the presidency, that vote failed to determine the winner in four elections: .

Some see the Electoral College as a peculiar and mystifying institution that ensures only a few, select individuals will ever cast a direct vote for president in the United States.

Farmers in Iowa may have very different concerns than bankers in New York.

A more federalist system of electing presidents takes that into account.

Swing states change over time, and the 2016 election could be a prime example of swing-state unpredictability and erosion of the traditional partisan political map.

Additionally, if the president were elected by unfiltered national vote, small and rural states would become irrelevant, and campaigns would spend their time in large, populous districts.

The winner must receive a majority, or 270, of these votes to become president.

The system empowers states, especially smaller ones, because it incentivizes presidential candidates to appeal to places that may be far away from population centers.

Many modern voters might be surprised to learn that when they step into a ballot box to select their candidate for president, they actually are casting a vote for fellow Americans called electors.

These electors, appointed by the states, are pledged to support the presidential candidate the voters have supported.


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