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In the workplace, by the workers, jargon is fine because everyone understands it.But when you use it to mislead or obscure with someone who does not know that jargon then you've crossed the line into doublespeak.The housing bubble was exacerbated by the fact that people thought they understood the mortgages they were getting, only to find out that they were in over their heads.

In the workplace, by the workers, jargon is fine because everyone understands it.

For example, "involuntary conversion," is a legal term which means the loss of use of your property due to fire, theft or public condemnation.

If your car is stolen, legally that's an involuntary conversion of your property.

If a politician stands up and speaks to you and says, "I am giving you exactly what I believe, and then turns around and does the opposite, then you've got a pretty good yardstick.

She was pretending to tell me something, and it turns out it wasn't what she meant at all, she meant something different," says Mr.

Lutz. -- Doublespeak poses a threat to the United States because it creates a buffer between what organizations are saying and what people are hearing.

if you're entering into a credit card contract, or buying a home, and you're understanding of your obligation is not based on reality, that's problematic.Lutz, in his doublespeak litmus test. -- The first type of doublespeak is the euphemism."We want to talk about something, but because of social conventions we don't use direct language, we use indirect language.An example would be with a group of Chinese students.If they were conversing in Chinese amongst themselves, that is completely appropriate.However when you start using a euphemism because you want to avoid the harsh reality, then you're engaged in doublespeak.For example, the State Department invented the euphemistic doublespeak term "unlawful arbitrary detention" or "unlawful arbitrary deprivation of life," says Mr. "It basically means that the government was busy killing its own citizens without benefit of trial or or any other legal niceties, so [that's an example of where] euphemism moves into doublespeak." -- The second kind of doublespeak is jargon, which usually centers around a particular industry or area of specialized knowledge.If the discussion is carried out in doublespeak, organizations deliberately mislead the people so don't really know what's going on, and we wind up making decisions of social importance on the wrong basis. -- "Doublespeak is a matter of intent.You can identify doublespeak by looking at who is saying what to whom, under what conditions and circumstances, with what intent and what result.We talk about spin, and it's all right to be a spin doctor. A spin doctor sits there and says, "Oh no, no, no, you didn't hear what you thought you heard.Let me tell you what you really heard, and proceeds to put a spin on.


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