Windows Vista Problem Solving

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John You say that your computer has only 1 GB of RAM.

For Vista to run smoothly by itself, typically 2 GB is necessary. Also, when you check your task manager for your running applications, look on the bottom left corner of the window, where it shows "processes".

in the industry and a very highg skill level)and a better opeating system. It may sit there for hours with the circular cursor spinning away if I don't force a reboot.

Microsoft needs more Beta test sights like mine, before the release their software. I have spent over 50 hours on the phone with the Indians who are clueoless as to what to do. It will freeze under the most unlikely conditions, such as when I'm clicking through my Windows Live Mail inbox.

Unfortunately it may be moving data that it thinks you won't be using when you actually will, so it moves it from RAM to paging file, you request it, it's moved from paging file to RAM, then System Mechanic moves it back again shortly thereafter.

Let Vista's memory management fly solo for a while. may help, but I wonder how equipped your system is for running Vista as well as all the applications that are running in the background. The computer is new and it came with Vista Home Premium.There were discussions about this a long time ago but snake oil and such was mentioned by these purveyors so let's get rid of what does this!Of course, Toshiba and Microsoft are clueless as to the cause of the problem.I challenge CNET and all the experienced techs in the industry to do a scientific analysis of this very common problem and find a resolution.Bob Try ditching System Mechanic for a while and see if it makes a difference.In short, it works, in part, by moving data to the system paging file to free RAM.After all, would they want a non-geek like me to accidently stumble upon the cause and find a solution?Too many talented people making the same comments cant all be wrong - so why do we never see an official response from Microsoft.Perhaps you are getting a fragmented RAM because the CPU is paging (banking or swapping or whatever you want call it) as the CPU trys to execute the programs in the run queue. I have the same problem using an Intel Quad CPU running at 3.0 ghz, 4 ghz Fast Ram, Raid 0, 4 drive 1 TB hard disk subsystem. I nnoticed this happenibg on all my computers with different configurations.I belive it is a Vista problem that Microsof has not solved.


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