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Exactly on the night of January 6 – as it is prescribed by canons of Armenian Apostolic Church.In combination with Holy Nativity Armenia celebrates the Feast of Epiphany.As far back as in the end of XIX century with joining to Russian Empire, Armenia began to celebrate the beginning of calendar year with bright and funny holiday with traditional feast, gifts under decorated New-Year’s tree, salutes and petards.

In the morning, boys and girls gather in the church, where the celebratory liturgy takes place, and then go directly to celebrate.

Usually they gather in the big house, cook meals, jump over a bonfire, allegedly purifying from past mistakes and sins, dance and have fun.

And today people of Armenia still look forward the magic moment of New Year’s coming.

It must be said that even in the most difficult moments, when the country was ruined by wars and elements, and even if at the frugal table and without light, but New Year’s Day was celebrated by every family.

But it is unknown when and who invented the beautiful legend about Sarkis, but it was the legend which made him the favorite saint of all Armenian lovers.

The legend says that insidious emperor intended to kill Sarkis and his army.

Sarkis awoke, distraught by what he saw, he jumped on his horse, not forgetting his savior, and dashed away...

Since then, a rider on white horse has become a symbol of holiday of all Armenian lovers.

It is one of new holidays of Armenia –the day, when already independent Armenia made the decision to establish own national army. And since 2002, the 28th of January is officially adopted as day of rest.

It may be thought by mistake that this date is celebrated only by military men.


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