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Consequently, this can promote better judgement of situations, so the reader does not find themselves in the same circumstances as perhaps those in the fiction world.Henceforth, literature is proven to not only be reflective of life, but it can also be used as a guide for the reader to follow and practice good judgement from. Never before has life been so chaotic and challenging for all.

Consequently, this can promote better judgement of situations, so the reader does not find themselves in the same circumstances as perhaps those in the fiction world.

Literature enables people to see through the lenses of others, and sometimes even inanimate objects; therefore, it becomes a looking glass into the world as others view it.

It is a journey that is inscribed in pages, and powered by the imagination of the reader.

He adopts the language “crying with the world” from a Gjirokastër idiom that describes intimate mourning among relatives and nonrelatives alike; tragedy, for Kadare, speaking always through the violent history of the Balkans, is a binding tie among the people of Albania and its neighbors, the purest if the most painful source of literary inspiration.

Literature as a “crying with the world” is not only a lament for the self but also a reminder of those hurt in the production of the self.

Ultimately, literature has provided a gateway to teach the reader about life experiences from even the saddest stories to the most joyful ones that will touch their hearts.

From a very young age, many are exposed to literature in the most stripped down form: picture books and simple texts that are mainly for the sole purpose of teaching the alphabet etc.Although these are not nearly as complex as an 800-page sci-fi novel, it is the first step that many take towards the literary world.Progressively, as people grow older, they explore other genres of books, ones that propel them towards curiosity of the subject, and the overall book.It is impossible to switch bodies with another human being, and it is impossible to completely understand the complexity of their world.Literature, as an alternative, is the closest thing the world has to being able to understand another person whole-heartedly.It is to see Albania as European and therefore part of Europe’s imperialist history; within Europe, as unremittingly Balkan and thus always peripheral to the flows of European power; and among them all, as an ethno/geocultural essence apart—lost like the origins of tragedy, inevitable like the violence of the political, difficult like the ghosts of the past.The “world” of Kadare’s three essays on “world literature” is a reflection of Albania’s “impossible drama” on the global scale of human history, an observation at once parochial and profound, like the greatness of great art. Together, the essays consider the circulation of “world” literature (always distinctly European, and by men, in Kadare’s account) in Albania and, in doing so, argue for the significance of tragedy to Balkan people’s lives, imaginations, and self-identification. Ismail Kadare’s first and only collection of essays translated into English, this time directly from the Albanian originals written between 19, offers profound and highly personal meditations on canonical figures of world literary history.With the ability to see the world with a pair of fresh eyes, it triggers the reader to reflect upon their own lives.Reading a material that is relatable to the reader may teach them morals and encourage them to practice good judgement.


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