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When you’re looking for something to top off your meal, look for wheat (ashure) or rice (sultash) puddings, fried dough in a rich syrup (tollumba), or crystallized fruit (oshaf).Boza, a fermented malt drink, often accompanies dessert.The most popular veg grown are eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives (which accompany most meals), and legumes. When talking about food, travellers can divide the country into three regions. Not only is it used for most breads, it’s also versatile enough to make both sweet and salty dishes.

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Modern day influences include Greece, Italy, and Turkey.

Meat and vegetables are the staple, along with heavy stews, pickled cabbage, feta cheese, breads, rice, and smoked meat. There are a lot of salads in your future – luckily, there’s plenty of fresh produce to enjoy.

Poultry features heavily in dishes here – duck, goose, chicken, and turkey are all raised here.

Fishermen catch flounder, perch, gray mullet, and sole in the Adriatic Sea.

You’ll see mostly potatoes, carrots, cabbage, kidney beans, onions, garlic, and walnuts.

Traditional dishes in the north include meat and vegetable casseroles, pasta, chicken, rice, sudjuk (similar to salami), and petula (fried dough made sweet or savoury).

Meat dishes are by far the most ubiquitous meal you’ll find in Albania.

The most popular are veal stew (ferges), roast beef in fermented milk sauce (rosto-misalche-kosi), cabbage rolls (sarma), and sheep pluck stuffed with meat and vegetables (kukurech).

Try sataras, a lighter stew made with tomatoes, onions, and paprika.

There’s also your standard meat and onions stew (chumlek) and meat with potatoes (guvech). And they are just as hearty as their stews and just as flavourful.


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