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However, one is supposed to engage their literary skills and recreate their experience in the minds of the readers.

The expectation is that one will engage their audience and virtually take them on their journey or make them feel that they have been to a particular place.

Let your readers feel like they meet the person or visit the place you are writing about, even if they have never read about them earlier.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab defines a descriptive essay as “a genre of essay that asks students to describe something – object, person, place, experience, emotion, situation, etc.” Therefore, in a descriptive essay, students are required to provide a vivid account of something or someone.

Provide a thesis statement that contains the details on the object of research and your opinion about it.

If you don’t know how to write a thesis statement for a descriptive essay or how to write an essay introduction paragraph, you can look for a good example of such a paper in your college library database. It consists of a few parts, organized in a proper order, and you should make an outline of the body and then fill it with your content.

There are different ways to describe a person – you should tell readers how he or she looks like, what is the habits of this person, and what he or she likes to do. They let you readers understand the personality, Significant details help you to create a more effective content, for example, the profession of this person, their manners, and points of view, favorite places. If you need to describe a piece of art, you should have a background for it – tell readers what style of painting is used, who is the artist and what inspired him or her to paint it.

Then you should describe what do you see in this picture. Many of them can have a deeper meaning than you think and if you can’t create your essay about a picture on time, you can get a professional essay help to get it when you need.

It helps you to develop your skills of describing people and things, and these skills are very helpful. It helps you to understand how wide can be your description because if you have to create a big paper, you can provide a much more detailed description.

Despite it is not difficult to work on such papers, it may take a lot of time.


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