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Schools on our list vary from community colleges to private Culinary Institutes.

You’ll need to look closely at admissions pages on program websites to see what documents your favorite schools are requesting.

You’ll also need to decide between a campus-based or online program.

While most Culinary Arts programs are delivered in face-to-face format for obvious reasons, there are schools that offer high-quality online degrees and certificates in a wide range of culinary areas.

A few years ago, health reasons forced me to re-evaluate my eating habits, and I realized a simple fact very quickly: most health food is incredibly boring. It's enough right now to just be walking beside each other in this foreign landscape and speaking the same language. Not knowing the shape or parameters of this new relationship with Scott or the direction of my own life or where to trust or having a plan (any plan at all) or being in control. I've done a lot of thinking about the idea of 'living in the now', but it wasn't until this point in my life that I truly understood what that meant.

That’s when I started cooking for myself and started to learn that food could be more than something that filled you up. My desire to do things like cook and write and love will all come back. My ability to trust again will be the hardest (and likely take the longest) to recover, but I know it will come back. But on days when my head feels like a bleak foreign place, it's a lot harder to remember this. When I try to see into the future or make plans, it's like trying to touch smoke.

Courses include: The Culinary Institute Le Nôtre’s AAS in Culinary Arts is a flexible program which students can complete full-time or part-time.

Students also can use elective courses to complete a minor in several different areas.

In today’s food industry, demanding and discerning consumers are fueling the need for highly-trained, creative, and experienced chefs.

Whether your career goals include owning your own business, working in a top restaurant, or just learning how to cook— a culinary arts program can help you live your dream.


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