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Examples include Indian pipe (), which steals nutrients found in beech tree roots.

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Her stint as Manager of the California State Mining and Mineral Museum in California's gold country served to deepen her interest in science which she now fulfills by writing for online science websites. She graduated from San Diego's Coleman College in 1972.

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Without photosynthesis there would be little to no oxygen on the planet.

Photosynthesis uses light energy from the sun and carbon dioxide and water in the atmosphere to make food for plants, trees, algae and even some bacteria. The chlorophyll in these living organisms, which also contributes to their green hues, absorbs the sunlight and combines it with carbon dioxide to convert these compounds into an organic chemical called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Eventually the reduction causes the DPIP to change colour from a deep blue to a clear or opaque colour.

Since photosynthesis is the process by which plants, bacteria, and other autotrophic organisms obtain energy to produce sugars, the right conditions and the right environment are necessary in order to carry out this complex process.Similar to functional chloroplast, light is another essential component of photosynthesis, without light photosynthesis cannot occur.Therefore, the cuvette placed in the dark may have functional chloroplast but without light to provide the necessary energy, the reaction will either occur very slowly or not at all.Cellular respiration in plants is essentially the opposite of photosynthesis.Living creatures breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide as a byproduct.In the second step, the cell transports the pyruvate molecules into the mitochondria, the energy center of the cells, without using oxygen, This is known as anaerobic respiration.The third step of cellular respiration involves oxygen and is called aerobic respiration, in which the food energy enters an electron transport chain where it produces ATP.Photosynthesis is important to living organisms because it is the number one source of oxygen in the atmosphere.Without photosynthesis, the carbon cycle could not occur, oxygen-requiring life would not survive and plants would die.Green plants and trees use photosynthesis to make food from sunlight, carbon dioxide and water in the atmosphere: It is their primary source of energy.The importance of photosynthesis in our life is the oxygen it produces.


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