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“Sister Carrie” tells a story of a woman who leaves behind her family, which is not closely knit with, and moves to the big city in search of employment, money, and of course love.

In Chicago she has to stay with her sister and brother-in-law who are leading a poor life, earning just enough, or at times even not enough, to help the both ends meet.

The following paper is going to present the literary analysis of the first, very well known and successful novel of Theodore Dreiser – “Sister Carrie”. To begin with, I will demonstrate in what way the noel can be classified as a naturalistic one.

Then, I will present a very brief summary of the novel, together with short analysis of the main characters (the development of the main character – Carrie- will be discussed in the later section of the paper).

Such reality contradicts with the dream Carrie had about living in the city and enjoying everything this city has got to offer.

To make the matters worse, Carrie gets very ill, stays home from work, and loses her job.The hardship of finding a new job and living with her sister, as well as temptation of material life especially in contrast with the grey dull reality make Carrie end up as the mistress of a salesman, Drouet.Later on in the novel, married to Hurst wood, she again has to find a job; though this time she luckily rises to a famous actress in New York.Without money and status he descends in apathy and dies alone after Carrie has left him. The first theme I believe is the transformation of the America society in the nineteenth century.This theme of transformation is many-folded and concerns the erosion of the traditional moral values, economic shift from agricultural to an industrial base, vanishing of traditional values following the Darwinian revolution, and the alteration in the roles and relations of men and women (Eby).Though, not only is he known as a contributor to the literary naturalism.Dreiser’s precise descriptions and analytical observations, as well as characters that are portrayed to be the product of their environment, integrated harmoniously with and contributed greatly to American literary realism. Many times students are expected to write a literary analysis of a theme(s), qualities of a main or minor. The reader who goes to the trouble to turn to the back of an essay only to find such an unhelpful note will. Download and print the packet (if you didn't receive one in class) for this learning unit. Of your boring home task and at value best online paper the points how analysis essay to literary write investigating.In fact, naturalism is usually set in an urban setting, where the characters are wisps in a sea that are brought from shore to shore, by forces stronger than them, like capitalism.If to believe the above to be the textbook definition of naturalism in literature than “Sister Carrie” should be seen as a perfect example of it.


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