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STEP SIX—Decide approximately what length you want your chapters to be and be ready to stick with it as much as possible (for instance, in my book titled WHO AM I?, I limited myself to about 1,000 to 1,200 words per chapter).

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Look up every scripture that uses your key words, and highlight the important ones you want to use.

Be sure to list all related words (like redeem, redeemed, redeeming, redemption and Redeemer).

As the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson, I receive a lot of email from would-be authors who are trying to get published.

Because I make my email address public, it’s pretty easy to get to me.

“If only someone would just read my manuscript,” they plead. When I worked at Thomas Nelson, I personally received hundreds of proposals each year; my staff received thousands. By the way, I have just published by new audio course, .

Publishers simply don’t have the resources to review these. It consists of twenty-one audio sessions on every aspect of publishing.By doing this, your book will be more professional and digestible, being 'symmetrical' and 'balanced.' STEP SEVEN—Do thorough research on your subject.It is a good thing to gather material from many Bible dictionaries, concordances, commentaries, various trusted Bible versions (including the original Hebrew and Greek), and other books written on the subject---then categorize all your information in separate folders on your computer.STEP ONE—The most important step is receiving a revelation from God that it is definitely His will for you to write the book.There is a dramatic difference between doing a "good thing" and doing a "God-thing" in your walk with God.However, by the time I hear from people, they are usually frustrated. Like many things in life, nothing worthwhile comes easily.They can’t get anyone in the book publishing world to respond, and they are convinced that they have a killer-idea. But if you have a great idea and are persistent, you will eventually succeed.These only need to be four to six sentences long, just a short paragraph explaining what you hope to accomplish in each chapter.Keep in mind that each successive chapter should lead the reader to a little higher plateau on your journey to the peak of the mountain: the final chapter.In like manner, you will probably dig through a lot of good but unnecessary material to get to those most valuable truths you need to include.STEP TEN—Set all your spelling, capitalization and punctuation standards so that you are consistent throughout your book (like the decision whether to capitalize all personal pronouns referring to God except who and whom, or what abbreviations to use for Bible books).


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