Writing A Creative Brief

The team knows what the overall project is, who the audience is and what their strengths are.But what they don’t know is who the contact person is, what the budget or deadlines are and what the tone should be.

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Now take a look at the brief from Glitschka Studios.

They ask many of the same questions about scope of project and audience.

Great creative projects start with a great design brief. It's a short document—usually just one or two pages—that clarifies the strategy for a creative project.

Whether you're the client, the designer, or an account manager, you have a vested interest in making sure the goals and scope of your project are crystal clear. It documents the goals of the project and starts the plan for how you'll get there. Clarify the extent of the campaign, how many platforms will be covered and how the design files will be used.

Or do they go for the scripty, handwritten ones that show they’re playful and welcoming?

Is the photography they’re using professional or whimsical?

Does the budget include any copywriting or photography? Include links to the client’s website, design files and the examples they like: Everything you need right at your fingertips. If you need to rely on others for information you’ll need before designing a piece, you should make sure the client provides it to you before you begin work.

Connect Communications, Inc.’s brief is short but concise: It has every piece of information that you’d need, including how much they’re paying, what date the project started and who all of the contacts are. If you're the designer, you should also plan to keep the design brief within view as you create concepts.

Ask how they’ll measure success of the campaign or the piece. Do they want to increase their sales by 10 percent?

If you’re only designing a new logo for them, there may not be any measurable results—so ask how the new logo will be used and how it fits into their new business plan. Are they looking for customers to click through to buy their product, sign up for a course or make a phone call?


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