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Her parents left an ancestral gemstone ring for her, which suited her very well.

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Because of the influence of popular culture, today’s students have been strongly discouraged from pursuing studies within English or Creative Writing; what they aren’t being taught is the many benefits it presents.

There is a strong stigma surrounding the English major, stating that it is impossible to get a good job with this degree....

[tags: Writing, Writing style, Creative writing] - Anastasia’s creative writing My subject reported that she had been writing stories since early childhood.

When she lived in South Korea, she created short stories in English.

She hoped one day she can become a designer and make really beautiful clothes.

Her ultimate goal was to design soldiers’ clothes since she really admired soldiers due to their heroic spirit and machismo....

- When I first began Writing 101 I only had skills from high school and creative writing, and had no experience writing in a college setting.

The reason I took this class was because it was a basic requirement for my studies.

Entertainment is a tradition at lunch which was created by none other, than the past Queenkas and Kingkas....

[tags: Creative Writing Short Story] - Walking inside the typical composition class, one can expect to see the students crafting the five-paragraph essay or working on a persuasive piece as they try to argue they side of an in-class debate.


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