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As with essays that argue, explain, persuade, critique, inform, or analyze, you will need to gather information to develop your main ideas.

As with essays that argue, explain, persuade, critique, inform, or analyze, you will need to gather information to develop your main ideas.Before beginning an essay describing your Aunt Arlene for example, write down all the details you can about her, including any anecdotes that reveal her characteristics.At this point, you are gathering information, so don't worry about organizing your observations.

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When you discuss features and techniques like these in your essay, you should relate them to a point you are making, usually about the author's theme or purpose.

For some essays, you'll present your own thoughts, observations, and experiences, without reference to a text.

Identify the strongest and weakest arguments in the article.

After analyzing the text, decide whether you agree or disagree with the author's position.

When a college application asks for an autobiographical essay, your purpose will be to describe the traits, experiences, interests, achievements, and goals that show you're a good candidate for college admission.

First, take notes about yourself, including things that emphasize your individuality.During the information‐gathering stage, spend time in the library. Learn how to locate a variety of print and electronic materials that will give you a thorough (not one‐sided) view of your topic.When you find information, take careful notes that include bibliographical information about your sources.In each of these areas, you can learn some basic skills that will make the assignment easier.Step one is always the same: Make sure you understand the requirements of the assignment.A research paper should consist of a series of quotations or footnoted facts loosely strung together.Unlike other essays, a research paper depends on the use and citation of several sources of information, such as reference books, books related to your subject, relevant journal and magazine articles, speeches, and lectures.(Technical Memos and Laboratory Reports) A logical response to this question may be, “That’s easy! When you know what the data says, figure out why it matters. Another way to think about this process is to ask yourself “So What?Start with the introduction and keep writing until the conclusion.” This strategy, however, will cost you valuable time. ” often, then write out the answers in complete sentences. Analyze each procedure in order of importance, then list them that same way. The format for your Technical Memo or Laboratory Report has specific headings.Assignments vary widely, and you can use different strategies for each writing task.The main purpose of your project may be research, argument, analysis, or narrative.


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