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This grad student took careful notes with a very fine mechanical pencil, and had a big eraser which he used frequently, to make sure everything was perfect.

His notes could have been scanned and made into a textbook.

These experiences convinced me that unlined paper was the way to go, because math doesn’t really conform well to being written down in prose.

The answer is that there isn’t a huge body of scientific literature on the subject, but from what is available, the conclusion is YES, it definitely matters.

I decided to research and write this article because I haven’t used white paper with blue lines, spiral notebooks, three ring binders, or pencils for about 15 years now, including during my tutoring sessions.

Let me give you some examples: Some students didn’t take any notes at all. These students must have been brilliant — or maybe they were just lazy.

One student wrote with a Sharpie on plain white paper.

Blank paper is better then lined paper as it offers a world of ideas and unlimited creatively, as lined paper only allows you to fallow what is set in front of you to a standard.

By allowing you complete creative freedom, blank paper is an open book ready to be filled by the ideas and passions of those who are using it, while lined paper is a prison in which rules and regulations must be fallowed.

Surely these companies must have done scientific studies to figure out what kind of paper helps students learn the best.

Well, they haven’t, despite selling you billions of dollars worth of these products over the years. But come one Joe the Tutor – does paper really matter?


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