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This means that sometimes a scientific literature review can be highly theoretical, in addition to focusing on specific methods and outcomes of previous studies.

In addition, all of its sections refer to the literature rather than detailing a current study.

There are plenty of sources available that show an example of a literature review so if you are unsure on how to write a literature review in APA style, then refer to these.

There are also APA style citation guidelines within the literature review example that you can follow.

You don’t need to cut each piece by yourself from scratch.

Rather, you can take the pieces that other researchers have “cut” and put them together to build a framework on which to hang your own “books”—that is, your own study methods, results, and conclusions.This is the author demonstrating the research they had completed prior to presenting an essay of their own on a topic.A literature review is completed to help an author explain in the form of research why they have approached a topic in the way they have.It does NOT reference and list all of the material you have cited in your paper.One way to conceive of a literature review is to think about writing it as you would build a bookshelf.Not all research articles contain an explicit review of the literature, but many do, whether it is a discrete section or indistinguishable from the rest of the Introduction.When a literature review exists as part of an introduction to a study, it follows the structure of the Introduction itself and moves from the general to the specific—presenting the broadest background information about a topic first and then moving to specific studies that support your study, finally leading to your hypothesis statement.Keep these tips in mind to guide you, and you will be writing great literature reviews in no time.A literature review is an objective, concise, critical summary of published research literature relevant to a topic being researched in an article.They can also exist as part of a larger work or stand on their own.The two types of literature reviews commonly found in journals are those introducing research articles (studies and surveys) and stand-alone literature analyses.


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