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Describe an aspect of your childhood/upbringing that shaped the person you are today.

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From the bleachers and the sidelines, the eyes of every member of the crowd were focused intently on me. I always looked forward to June 17, the birthday of my only living grandparent.

Every year I spent the day composing corny jokes that made her to snort with laughter and murmur loving approval.

I remembered her too; remembered how much I had liked her name, remembered getting none of her work... I had in my head an image of James Bond, speeding down a foreign highway in pursuit of justice, a dazzling femme-fatale steering the car ahead of him. When I was in elementary school, it seemed like everyone was learning how to play a musical instrument. I considered my options, and my interest was piqued by the idea of learning how to play the... After seven days of grueling labor pushing my body to its limits, I was proudly walking - no, strutting.

The saying that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree is more than just a hackneyed expression. My father has always been the family man, an honorable person who unwaveringly cares for and... As my clean and pressed uniform held my new ribbons for the world to see, I looked up to the stands...

Sweat poured down my face as I struggled to breathe. Approximately sixty years ago, during World War II, Japan invaded and occupied parts of China, committing many atrocities.

I was dehydrated and exhausted, and I was trying as hard as I could not to give up. People were running around frantically, shouting and screaming. I learned something of these events in middle school, but didn't give them special thought at the time; WWII seemed marked...

Inside, memories rested alongside the hardened French fries and squashed fruit snacks that lined...

On Being a Middle Child As our annual family picture day approaches, disputes about matching attire, scenery, or whether or not our pets will be included continue to dominate our dinnertime discussions. It was a less-than-exciting afternoon in the waning days of junior year when the mess began.

My name, along with the names of two other speech and debate officers, was called over the intercom.

We were wanted in the principal's office immediately....


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