Writing Your Dissertation Proposal

For example, a study on Asian American student demographics in higher education can provide the framework(s) to guide my study on the identity of Asian American students in high schools.

Note that there are overlaps in topics of interests between the guiding study (theoretical framework) and my own, although the focus of each study is slightly different.

Thus, on the day of our proposal defense, we should effectively utilize the Power Point slides to provide an overview of our study as well as visuals that may assist in engaging in deeper conversations about the proposed study. However, the most important thing to remember is to have consistency in the font style one uses. Also, remember you are the expert on your research topic.

Be confident and don’t be shy in presenting your study proposal to your committee members.

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, here are some sections you must not skip The literature review gives the context and background of your proposal.

This is the part where you highlight important school of thoughts and specific areas of study which you are going to delve into.1) Research Question Think of a broad, overarching research question.This will then guide you to generate specific research questions.If this is your case, it is of utmost importance that you use the most appropriate format and submit your paper in a timely manner.Before you understand how to write a dissertation proposal, let’s start with defining it.3) Literature A good way to think about the literature review is to think in three big areas (or more areas if needed).Try to narrow down your topic into three big areas.For example, if you are interested in studying identity of Asian American students in high schools, there can be three big areas of study: 1) identity 2) Asian American students 3) high school. The literature on identity may discuss Asian Americans, but there also may be literature on identity that talks about the identity of students from other minority and ethnic groups.It is your job to find connections among these three areas of literature to thoroughly provide background information on your research topic.2) Methods There are three ways of choosing a method or methods that best fit your study: quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. However, it is best to choose a method based on the topic and the research question(s) of your study.The research topic and questions should inform the method(s) you choose.


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