Youth Problem Solving Activities

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All children face challenges, problems, and discomfort at some point each day.

It may be a challenging reading passage, difficulty opening the packaging of their snack, forgetting their locker combination, or feeling angry at a friend.

Parents should model their problem-solving skills for kids by sharing their thoughts as they work through a problem.

This can be done in “real-time” as the problem is occurring or in a more structured time for “role-playing”.

We want children to see that it is normal to feel frustrated, angry, or disappointed when faced with a problem.

Similarly, we want children to see that mistakes happen, but can be overcome.An example of thinking out loud would sound something like this: “This morning as I was getting ready for work, the dog ran out the front door.Right away I started to think that I would never find her and I was so upset I started to cry.Over time and through practice, the majority of the minor problems with be solved without the needed steps above.However, for bigger problems, helping a child solve them rather than solving it for them leads to less anxiety and greater confidence and independence.As much as I dislike video games, many do provide opportunities to problem-solve.Be aware of games that your child is playing and discuss what skills they used to complete a challenge or win the game.It takes time, practice, and maturity to become independent problem solvers.For children with anxiety, their ability to solve problems is very weak.Fortunately, there are several problem-solving activities for kids that teach children the skills needed for independence.Young children encounter problems when reaching for something high, finding a knot in their shoelace, or feeling confused when reading a new word.


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